Why an Escort May Avoid You?

Posted on 16 June 2018

Escorts see a number of people throughout a month and sometimes these people are new clients and old. Repeat clients are the escorts real bread and butter as these clients are almost sure bookings so you know when you're next stream of revenue will come in. For clients, the escorting industry is a perfect service. They get to browse through extensive catalogues, such as ours at Valentina Escorts and get to look through some of the most beautiful women in the world available and ready to book for your pleasure.

Sometimes bookings can go well and clients and escorts can develop a good relationship where they enjoy each others company and regularly arrange bookings. Other times the booking may go horrible, not even for both parties. Maybe just one of you isn't enjoying the booking as much as the other person is, which is what we're going to talk about today, kind of. Today we're talking about why an escort may refuse to take you're booking after the first time.

So without further ado let's get into with our first point, which is:


Nobody wants to spend time with someones who's personal hygiene is low and their Body odour is high. Escorts are elite women and incredibly beautiful. They go out of there way to make sure they always look perfect for their clients and are perfectly clean and hygienic. It's only right clients should do the same. Avoid having bad hygiene and take a shower before your booking. Scrub yourself properly and make sure to use fragrances so you're not just smelling of BO.


Don't be cheap. More times than not you will have arranged to meet your bomb-shell booking through an agency where a short screening process took place. This is usually over the phone and consists of a series of personal questions so the agency can learn a little bit about you for their benefit. This can be general information from the name, age and location to more personal information such as marital status, job and current financial situations.

Although personal questions that are too deep are rare. The screening process is mainly for the agency to get some general contact information and learn a little bit about you. When this process occurs the terms of the booking will also be specified and agreed upon such as duration and donation amount.

Therefore both you and your escort are well aware that you have agreed to the price of the booking so under no circumstances should you ever aim to underpay or try to haggle with your escort to not pay her the full amount. This is a quick way to get your booking cancelled, lose your money and even have yourself blacklisted from ever making another booking again.


It's nice to be nice and we should all have manners. Especially when dealing with people who are willingly providing us with a service regardless of if you've paid or not. Have manners when dealing with escorts, after all, you're dealing with elite and stunning women who provide a wonderful service which is why they deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and tactfulness. Failing to treat her with respect can be an easy way for you again, to be black listed or never see her again.