Understanding The Lingo

Posted on 23 July 2018

Escorting is a huge industry and one of the most lucrative in the world. Filled with the most beautiful women you'll ever lay your eyes on the companions who occupy this industry are desired for a number of services from clients every day.

If you ever end up on an agency website or an independent escorts site you may notice a bunch of letters like 'GFE' situated around the listings

What do these mean? What're the differences between them? In case you weren't hip to the lingo in our lovely industry I thought I could take you through some of the terms and meanings of the lingo used in the industry.

So in no particular order, let's start with:


DFK is pretty simple and stands for Deep French Kissing which is usually provided as a service along with the girlfriend experience. Contrary to what many people believe escorts do kiss their clients, but like everything they do, it's considered a service and something you must donate towards. 


TGFE or GFE stands for The Girlfriend Experience and is the most intimate of the booking services and is also pretty vanilla. This is a straightforward booking consisting of companionship and essentially doing what you would normally do with your partner without any further responsibilities or commitments.


The 'Porn Star Experience' is the girlfriend experience turned up to 11. Including DFK and deepthroat this booking is more hardcore

than the girlfriend experience and sometimes even consists of a real porn star but bare in mind, this service is considerably pricier than the others.


OWO is Oral Without and means exactly that. This is when a client wants to receive oral pleasure without penetration and there are many clients who opt for this option since that's the service they were looking for.


Reverse oral is where you, the client, would rather orally please your escort than the other way around. Again, like everything else, if this is something you desire it's a separate service altogether. 


The duo is pretty easy to guess and consists of booking two models for one service. Threesomes are quite common with escorts and most escort agencies pair the escorts who are willing to work together as a 'Duo' who can be booked together as well. Keep in mind if you do wish for a duo booking you are still paying for two separate companions, not one.


This stands for Cum In Mouth and is a service, not all escorts provide but for the ones who do it's listed as CIM. If you ever find yourself on a profile of a model you really desire but she doesn't have listed what you want to do as a service, it's still worth asking the model herself if this is something she's willing to participate in, you never know, you might just get lucky. 

Thank you for reading my list, I hope you enjoyed this and found it informative.

Happy booking!