Freedoms of Companionship

Posted on 31 August 2018

Some of us are employed for jobs we love, some of us are employed for jobs we're not so keen on but one thing most jobs have in common is the way they operate. Most people work a standard nine to five and do this job from Monday to Friday and will get a paycheck on the same day once a month, usually at the end of the month. Jobs like this you have to attend and the freedom to do what you want and work when you want is limited. With escorting the entire companionship industry caters to your life a lot more and has much more freedom in it as a job than normal professions. So in case, you're contemplating a career as a professional companion or you're already an active escort read ahead for some of the freedoms of this brilliant industry.

No Strings Attached

Many people may crave general companionship and not necessarily want to be in a committed relationship with just one person. If you find yourself fitting into this category then escorting may be perfect for you as you get to meet plenty of new people, learn about them, enjoy each others company and at the end of it, regardless of if it went well or not you don't have to worry about changing yourself or making any further commitments or even fully opening yourself up to someone as this isn't required of you. That's one of the best parts about escorting, being able to enjoy being a companion without having to worry about constantly catering to one person or being stuck with someone you're not particularly fond of.

No Judgement

Often someone's promiscuity can be a leading cause of consistent ridicule and judgement but with escorts, there is no judgement. Even the negative stigmas associated with the industry are slowly disintegrating every year and more and more people are paying escorts for their services, both men and women. The industry itself is changing and more people see escorting simply as a service which is provided to clients who are willing to pay for it. Also, again you don't have to worry about commitments. It's very possible to enjoy your time as a companion with your clients and simply move on without anyone ridiculing you.


Outside Interests

Other jobs don't allow much time for hobbies. Especially if you're part of a demanding profession that requires you to take your work home with you. Jobs like this can rob you of your free time and make it more difficult for you to indulge in things you like such as your hobbies or projects you wish to work on outside of your job. With escorting this is also something you can dwell more into. Since you can control exactly when you work and choose to turn down bookings whenever you can't or don't feel like doing them. This added freedom and flexibility to work when it suits you allows you to free up time for yourself to do the things you love.