Breaking The Ice with an Escort

Posted on 27 September 2018

It’s difficult enough when you meet someone for the first time and you’re initially struggling to find something to talk about that you think would help make you and your companion connect.

If you’re someone who self-admittedly has a little bit of a hard time breaking the ice with people and starting up a conversation, we empathise, and we’re here to help. In your very special, exciting case, you’ve come to us for help because you’re meeting an escort for the first time, and conversation isn’t your strong suit, especially when it’s with a glamorous, too good to be true (don’t worry, it’s true!) escort.

Escorts are professional and experiences, and polite and will at all times do their best to make you feel comfortable in their presence, without putting you under any pressure to be a social specialist.

To avoid all your niggling worries about potentially giving off the wrong impression, or your mind completely going blank when it comes to thinking of anything to get some juicy conversation going, we’ve compiled a small list of topic starters that could help break the first wall of ice, to keep you in the running for a fun evening, and a very pleasurable experience (bear in mind, you don’t have to start this list in any order at all when using in conversation):

Genuine Interest

Although we did state that this list is in no particular order, we can hear your brain ticking with nerves, so we’ll cool that down a bit by starting with what really, is the standard conversation starter, and the easiest one. Asking simple questions like how her weekend was, or what she did earlier in the day, or even how she’s feeling shows her that you’re taking a genuine interest in her, and that you would like to get to know her as a person, making her warm to you more and opening up her trust for you as a client.

General, genuine questions like this too will also give your escort the option to explore further topics linked to what you asked her. Your escort will welcome if you are open to her about feeling a little nervous, and she won’t force you into an intense conversation at all. Once you’ve gotten to know the basics about each other a little more, and established how you’re both feeling etc, you can progress on from there.


Movies aren’t a difficult topic at all, so this is something that you can get stuck right in to. This allows you to explore what your escorts hobbies may be, and what type of sense of humour they have perhaps, and lets you into their world a little bit.

It’s nothing too heavy and quite light but something that many people can talk about for hours if they become fixated on their favourite movie series for example. You may also find some common ground, you could both be Star Wars fans for all you know, and could even spend a cosy evening preparing a movie marathon with cuddles and snacks.


Another quite simple icebreaker, this is especially useful if your nerves really are getting the better of you. Putting on some music to calm your nerves may signal to the escort that you’re feeling a little anxious and she’ll help you out by asking about music, what music you like etc. Music is a very soothing thing for a lot of people and getting lost in discussing songs we may have a nostalgic love for, or discussing memories and stories behind perfect songs is a good way to have a peek into someones passion, and can show their more playful and fun side.


Paying your escort a simple little confident is a good way to break the ice, so she knows that she’s got your focus and that you aren’t distracted by anything else. She will appreciate the fact you’ve noticed she’s gotten dolled up to make a lasting impression for you, and for her to know it’s worked will boost her confidence, motivating her to give you an even better evening.

Don’t take this too far though and absolutely shower her in praise as this can often get uncomfortable and may give your escort the wrong impression if you make too much of a scene over how beautiful she is, as difficult as it is to not keep telling her!


Escorts pay a great deal of attention to how they look due to the nature of their profession, and even though fashion isn’t something everyone necessarily has an interest in, it’s definitely something we participate in. Your escort will be on top of her game with fashion so may be able to give you a few tips and tricks for styling, and you can also get an idea of what her personal taste is to give you a hint for when it comes to finding her the perfect gift to thank her for her companionship!

Now that you’ve managed to break the ice and you’re both smiling and getting a little closer, keep up your confidence and allow yourself to unwind and make the most out of this experience. Good luck, and have fun! Thanks for reading.